Friday, January 6, 2012

Final Xmas Blog

Better Late than NEVER! he he
Top candle done by Carol Mum in Law after a quick "how to" session. If you're interested in this technique, just google "stamping on candles" to get a you tube video, it looks fantastic!

oops, don't look too close this one's upside down - these beautiful Xmas decorations have been done by some very clever kids!!

Thankyou to Suzie and Vicki for finishing these for the Claremont fundraiser, they looked fantastic!
Made the Red boxes below a "blokey" type gift by putting Imperial Leather soaps in them.

These last two hold Dove soaps, and the ribbon goes around the base of the soap so that when you pull it up, the whole soap comes out, cool!!

Thankyou Vicki for the final photo of her beautifully done Xmas Decoration!
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