Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One Sheet Wonder!

Hope you are inspired to get out your ink pad and have a go at a ONE SHEET WONDER!  Get a few cards from the one A4 sheet of cardstock! Want to do this as a workshop?  Just grab a couple of friends and flick me an email at jandrwilliams1@dodo.com.au

All of these lovely cards from both posts have been created by some lovely talented ladies, thankyou all for sharing!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

YAH! Here is a photo of the Free stamp set you are rewarded with if you spend over $125 this month!!


Yes, GIVEAWAYS!!  Stampin' Up! this month are giving away a FREE stamp set with ANY ORDER OVER $125,  yes you read this correctly  only $125.  So check your card stock supplies, adhesives,  and maybe shout yourself a new ink pad or two and WALAH (like GALAH he he)!  This beautiful set will BE YOURS!!!!  Check out http://www.stampinup.com.au/ to see a picture of the stamp set.  I tried hard to put up a pic here but the internet doesn't like me some days!  he he

It's a really lovely set.  I can't wait to get my hands on it and have a play!!!

But WAIT, there's more!!  I sound like that guy from TV!!  Joining at the moment has never been better, and it is a great time for hostesses too. Check out these offers at http://www.stampinup.com.au/ to find out more!

I am away for the school holidays, so please let me know before the 21st of June if you would like anything! Contact me at jandrwilliams1@dodo.com.au to take advantage of this GREAT OFFER.

Win an IPAD!!

Hello, my thanks to Geordie for bringing this to my attention.  This is a great blog - the author gives great fashion tips and is worth a look.  As a bonus she is giving away an IPAD!  Just visit http://www.inspiredwish.com/ and "like" her page.  Thanks for looking at my blog, have a great day and GOOD LUCK IN THE COMPETITION!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

red canary: stylish streamlining

red canary: stylish streamlining: home offices gone smart and sassy 

I love the floating shelves picture in this lady's blog. Just beautiful.  Was going to do something "floating shelves" wise last year in the living area (for those that have been to my home in the recessed wall area) but decided not to because of dust etc.  Well. I might have to think again (and try and bring hubby around to the idea he he!) cause they do look gooooodd.