Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day "Sewing Box"!!

Hi, I've just made it!! I really wanted to offer this class before Mother's Day, and will get there by the skin of my teeth!! Friday night the 6th of May come and make this cute Mother's Day Sewing Box!

There are 5 small square cards and matching envelopes, and you can choose one of the three A5 cards(normal sized cards) below as the card to give your Mum with the set!!

Come anytime after 6.30pm, how ever if you can't make it that early, please still feel free to come whenever you like after little ones are in bed! There will be a bottle of wine or two in the fridge!!
Cost is $20 for kit and one A5 card, or $24 if you wish to make the kit and 3 A5 (normal size) cards.

Can't wait, hope you can come!!

Thanks for looking!!

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When something has been "cased" it means idea has been put out there by the originator for all to share, I don't remember what it stands for? Can any demo friends help here?? This card was cased from Darlene McCallum
This card was cased from Bron Heslop, love the DSP on it!

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  1. Box is just GORGEOUS!!! So lovely!!

    CASE - copy and share everything